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What are asphalt & paving compactors?

Compactors are a crucial piece of equipment for almost all construction projects. As the name suggests, compactors are responsible for flattening or compacting a surface area, which ranges from various soils, gravel or asphalt.

What does compacting a surface do?

By compacting these surfaces, it allows for the preparation of surfaces for the next steps in the project. When soil or gravel is compacted, it removes any air pockets & voids which densifies the surface area. Denser surface areas allow for increased strength and a greater weight capacity which will help create sturdier foundations and prevent any future structural failure

Vibratory vs Static Compactors

There are 2 main ways in which a compactor functions, vibratory compaction, or static compaction. Vibratory compactors have uniquely designed engines that create a compaction force at high vibration speeds whilst utilizing the plate’s heavy weight.

Static compactors are the opposite where only the weight of the compaction plate or roller drum is leveraged into removing any air pockets.

Wide Inventory of Compactors at IronPlanet

IronPlanet offers a variety of compactors that’ll suit your needs. For larger construction projects, we sell double and single drum rollers, pneumatic rollers and more.

For smaller construction projects, the ideal compactors of choice are jumping jack compactors, walk behind rollers and trench compactors.

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