Frequently Asked Questions

How to Buy

Bidding from your computer is the quickest and most reliable method of bidding. You can also bid through the IronPlanet mobile app for additional convenience.

The auction is held online. You bid from your computer on equipment being sold all over the country.

We have partnerships with over 30 companies that can help you transport the item from the seller to your location.

Sorry, this is usually difficult to arrange due to the distribution of equipment at the time of sale. Our independent inspections provide detailed in-depth reports on the condition of the equipment. This is backed up by our IronClad Assurance which lets you bid with confidence, even without needing to see the equipment yourself.

While most items are sold at our monthly featured auctions, equipment is also sold at Daily Marketplace. Typically an item listed in our Daily Marketplace will be up for auction for a period of 7 days and may have a reserve price.

View Daily Marketplace

Items in our Australian and Japanese featured auctions have a reserve price. Once bidding has met the reserve, a 'Reserve Met' caption will appear beneath the item. Once the reserve is met the item will be sold to the highest bidder.

Items listed in Marketplace-E will also have a reserve price.

Our Customer Care Agents and Sales Representatives are ready to help you. Just call 1300 139 344 and we'll do our best to answer your questions.

All IronPlanet Australia sales are GST exclusive. 10% GST is applicable on all units unless otherwise stated. GST will be added to the winning bid price for all items sold. Exported units maybe eligible for the GST to be refunded upon proof of export. It is the Buyer's responsibility to pay any applicable Stamp Duty Taxes.

How LiveStream Works

a. Only registered and approved viewers have the ability to bid online. (See IronPlanet Registration Requirements)
b. Access the auction on auction day by following the banners on
www.ironplanet.com.au and log in to be taken to the bidding console.
c. If you’ve been approved to bid, simply click the bid button to place your bid. The amount showing on the button will immediately be submitted as a binding bid to the auctioneer via the on-site clerk.
d. The clerk will represent the first received online bid to the auctioneer.

a. When you are the leading bidder, a message will indicate that you are in the lead and the bid button will be de-activated to prevent bidding against yourself.
b. This is also the case if you have placed a pre-bid. The bid button will disable in the bidding console if your pre-bid is in the lead.
c. Conversely, if you are not the leading bidder, a message will indicate you are out. The bid button will be active with the current ask.
d. When you win a lot, you will see a confirmation screen indicating the lot description and the hammer price.

a. Yes. Click the “lock” button in the upper right corner of the bidding interface and your bid button will be deactivated.
b. In order to bid live, simply click the lock again to enable the bid button.

a. The most common reason why a bid is not received is because the auctioneer accepted another bid – either a pre-bid, an online bid that was placed first, or an on-site bid.
b. The second most common reason is when a bid is placed after the auctioneer calls “Sold”. Once the auctioneer says sold, the item is closed.

a. Yes. PriorityBids are placed on the item page during the preview period until the item is placed up for sale.
b. PriorityBids allow your bid to be placed before any other ONLINE bid.
c. The auctioneer determines both the bidding increment and which bids are accepted.

Yes. Simply place a new bid and specify your new maximum amount. You may increase your maximum bid amount at any point during the auction, whether or not you are the lead bidder.

No. All bids in place in any IronPlanet or IronPlanet marketplace auction are final and binding. You can always increase, but can never reduce or rescind, your maximum bid amount.

a. No. Unlike during an IronPlanet featured auction, the auctioneer sets the increments during live auction. There is no set increment and it changes based on the auctioneer, the pace of the auction, the estimated value of the item, and other factors.
b. However, it is best to bid at round dollar amounts in order to improve the chances of your pre-bid being accepted.
c. Example: As a general rule, the auctioneer will not take a bids at less than $2,500 increments when the bidding reaches $100,000. Therefore a pre-bid of $101,000 will not be accepted.
d. Example: An $11,000 bid is more likely to be accepted than a $10,500 bid, unless the auctioneer cuts the bid increment at that time.
e. The best rule of thumb is to place a pre-bid for the maximum of what you would bid if you were physically at the auction and in round numbers. The auctioneer will only place a bid on your behalf at the then current increment.

Yes. Just place a pre-bid on any item up for preview and when the auction opens, our system will automatically submit your bid for you during the auction.

a. As is the case in Featured Auctions, the PriorityBid placed earlier takes precedence. The second bidder will need to bid higher in order to have the highest PriorityBid. The highest PriorityBid is placed as the leading online bid and is presented to the auctioneer ahead of other online bids.
b. During Live auctions, an online and onsite bid may be placed at the same time. It is the responsibility of the Auctioneer to determine which bid to accept based on their best judgement.


The process should take you less than five (5) minutes.

You will be able to access your Invoice immediately after you have completed Checkout.

Please call customer care at 1300 139 344

Yes, you can.

You will be able to make changes to your Checkout information up to three (3) business days after the auction. However, if you have completed Checkout and made full payment, you will not be able to modify the Checkout information yourself. You will need to speak with one of our customer care agents to make any modifications to your Checkout.

Call customer care at 1300 139 344 and they will provide Checkout assistance for you.

During the Checkout process you will be asked if you want to receive transportation quotes for your purchase. You will hear from a member of the IronPlanet team in due course.

If you don't know your delivery destination immediately after the auction, you have up to three (3) business days to complete the Checkout process and make full payment. Equipment must be moved from the seller's yard eight (8) business days after the auction.

Payment and Transfer


  • All Payments must be made in Australian dollars.
  • Lots must be paid in full within three (3) days of the end of the auction.
  • NOTE: Purchases cannot be removed from the auction site or collected from the sellers yard until paid for in full. If paid for with non-certified funds, items will not be released until non-certified funds clear our bank. This policy will be strictly enforced.


State requirements differ, so you should contact your motor vehicle agency for exact requirements in your state. At a minimum you should carry a copy of your paid invoice, insurance card and driver's license. Please be aware, some states do require that you obtain a temporary permit (tags) issued by your motor vehicle agency to transport vehicles on road prior to official title registration.

Yes. If a buyer self-transports equipment from a seller premises in any way other than common carrier, equipment acceptance occurs as soon as you remove the equipment from the seller's premise. If when you arrive for self-transport and the vehicle or equipment is not in the same condition as it appeared in the inspection report, do not remove the equipment prior to calling IronPlanet's Customer Care.

Buyers are responsible for all liability after driving or directly removing vehicles and trailers from Seller's premises.

The Buyer's name or the Company Name entered at time of registration is the only name IronPlanet can put on the invoice. When you complete the check out process, you will be asked to confirm which name you want on your invoice. You will also be asked to verify the mailing address. Contact Customer Care 1300 139 344 if there are any issues with the name(s) on your profile.



PriorityBidSM is our system for placing bids during the preview period of an auction. A significant amount of all bidding in our auctions occurs with PriorityBids; more than 70% of items typically have bids on them before auction day. Because they are placed during preview, PriorityBids have a delayed effect on the price of an item: the price does not change until the auction opens. There are several advantages of using PriorityBids:

  • You do not have to be at your computer on auction day. When you place a PriorityBid, you specify the maximum you are willing to pay for an item. You will be told immediately if yours is the highest bid placed so far, but you will not know how much of your bid amount remains to protect you from later bidders. Your bid amount is confidential and our auction software will keep you in the lead against competitive bids through the preview and on auction day or until your maximum amount is exceeded. If you get outbid by another PriorityBid, an automatic email will immediately be sent to you.
  • You can win the item for less than your maximum amount. In our style of auctions, the price the winner pays is determined by the price the runner-up was willing to pay. The final price is never more than one bid increment greater than the next-highest bid. So, if you have little competition, you can win an item for less than your maximum amount. We recommend you determine your "no regrets" price—the price at which, if someone else were to win, you would not regret the outcome—and then bid one increment below that.
  • Bidding early helps ensure that you are the winner. When competing PriorityBids are placed for the same amount, the earliest bid takes precedence (it has Priority at that price), so submitting your bid early gives you an advantage. You can place a PriorityBid online any time day or night, or by fax during our Customer Care hours.
  • Freedom to keep an eye out for other bargains. PriorityBids give you the freedom to browse and track other items on auction day without worrying about your "must-have" items. Our system acts as your assistant, constantly monitoring your PriorityBids and keeping you in the lead until the price goes beyond your designated maximum bid amount.

As auction day approaches, you can check the status of your PriorityBids in the Buying List of My Account. Make sure your email address and notification settings are correct in My Account Profile so that you can receive outbid notification emails. Before even being outbid, you can increase the maximum on any of your PriorityBids by placing a new PriorityBid on the same item for your new maximum amount (don't worry, you can not outbid yourself). Like all bids, PriorityBids are binding and can not be retracted nor reduced.

Click here toPlace a PriorityBid in the current auction


International Exports

No. The seller is not required to load any piece of equipment or attachment into a container. The buyer must make arrangements for loading into containers with the buyer's transportation company.

The seller is not required to dismantle any part of equipment for transportation. However, some sellers or storing agents may offer their services for dismantling for an additional fee. The buyer must make the request with the seller or storing agent. Contact information for the seller will be provided once IronPlanet Australia has received full payment for item(s) purchased. Any additional fees will have to be negotiated and paid to the seller or storing agent. IronPlanet Australia will take no part in arranging dismantling unless otherwise stated on our website.

IronPlanet cannot provide additional dimensions and/or specifications on equipment above that which is provided in our inspection reports. Buyers may obtain dimensions and/or specifications by contacting the original equipment manufacturer, or visiting the manufacturer's website, checking www.ritchiespecs.com, contacting dealers in your area or doing your own search on the Internet. A buyer should work with their transportation company to review common references for dimensions. The seller may choose to assist you with additional information, but remember, the seller is not required to provide any additional information about the equipment.

IronPlanet Australia will provide you with the seller's contact information once you have made full payment. You can also find this information, after full payment is made, on our website by accessing the Transportation Authorization link located in the Post Sale Info page for that item.

The buyer must remove the equipment from Seller's premises no later than eight (8) business days after the auction closes. After the 8th business day, the seller is allowed to charge the buyer storage fees. After sixty (60) days, the equipment may be deemed abandoned and disposed of with all storage fees and full commissions deducted from proceeds. (Please refer to our Full Length Terms and Conditions: section V. Completion of Transactions under Buyer Removal of Equipment for additional information)

Buyer's Terms and Conditions

To become a Qualified Buyer at IronPlanet in advance of bidding in an auction, IronPlanet requires all buyers from outside Australia to wire a $5,000 AUD deposit to receive auction-bidding privileges. If you do not win an item in the auction, the money will remain on deposit with IronPlanet as long as a Buyer wishes to retain auction-bidding privileges. A Buyer may request the return of their deposit from IronPlanet at any time via email. Please note that the deposit will be refunded to the same person/company who sent the deposit. Additionally, please click on the link below, then click on Buyer Qualification Form-International, to complete the form and fax it back to: 1300 139 343.

Buyer Qualification Form - International  Español | Français

IronPlanet has available to our buyers through our third party Transportation Partners a list of transportation companies that will assist in overseas shipping. Many of these companies will also provide you with non-binding transportation estimates before the auction and after the auction. Transportation is the responsibility of the buyer, IronPlanet itself does not coordinate or transport equipment. Please contact us if you are interested in receiving more information on transportation.

In addition to the bid amount, you will be responsible for the transaction fee and any applicable Goods & Services Tax (GST). Please see Terms and Fees for more information. http://www.ironplanet.com/jsp/s/howto/howtoBuy.html?id=21

Additionally, you will be responsible for the full cost of transportation payable directly to the company you hire to transport the equipment.

Full payment is due to IronPlanet within 3 business days after the auction. You will need to complete our Checkout Process immediately after the auction in order to print an Invoice which correctly recognizes your tax exemption status and delivery destination. Your Invoice will be available to you when you complete the Checkout Process. You will be able to access your Invoice anytime after Checkout by using the Invoice link located in the Post Sale Info page for that item.

Any items not paid within terms will be considered in default and the buyer will be subject to a "Default Penalty" equal to any deficit that may occur when the item is resold plus a 14% commission on the resale price with a minimum fee of $2,000. This fee will be applied separately to each individual unit on which the winning bidder defaults. Please ensure your financing is arranged prior to bidding to ensure that the full payment will be received on time and to avoid any Default Penalties.

If the item you purchase is for export, you will need to complete our Checkout Process after the sale and indicate the port of export and foreign delivery address. GST will not be charged on your Invoice providing you subsequently fax us the final Bill of Lading, The Bill of Lading and export documents including a non resident company declaration re GST exemption form must also include a description of the equipment including serial number. All documents must be submitted to IronPlanet no later than 5 business days after Equipment is delivered. Please contact customer care on 1300 139 344.

In order to refund GST within sixty (60) days of auction sale, you will need to provide IronPlanet a Bill of Lading and export documentation. IronPlanet will not process refund requests received beyond (60) sixty days after auction. After the sixty-day period, the buyer may request a GST refund directly from the ATO. IronPlanet cannot apply for the GST refund on behalf of buyers. Buyers will have to work directly with the ATO.

When submitting a request for a tax refund, please provide your Bank wiring instructions including:

  •  Bank Name
  •  Bank Address
  •  Name on Bank Account
  •  Swift Code
  •  Account Number


The buyer is responsible to arrange transportation and complete any required paperwork for customs. Please contact a customs broker or freight forwarder regarding exact requirements for exporting. As part of our service to the buyer, IronPlanet can provide you with a list of freight forwarders or customs brokers.

The buyer is responsible to arrange transportation. IronPlanet can provide you with a list of freight forwarders or customs brokers prior to the auction. After the auction, you will be able to request transportation quotes from our Transportation Partners directly through the IronPlanet website.

Our terms and conditions state that the buyer must remove the equipment from Seller's premises no later than eight (8) business days after the auction closes. After the 8th business day, the seller is allowed to charge the buyer storage fees. If you leave your equipment on the seller's yard, after sixty (60) days the equipment may be deemed abandoned and disposed of with all storage fees and full commissions deducted from the proceeds of sale. If you are unable to provide documentation of export within 60 days, IronPlanet will not waive GST on any future purchases until all outstanding Bill of Lading and/or Export documents are received.

Competition Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. The Promoter is Ritchie Bros. Australia.
  • 2. Entry is free and open to Australian and New Zealand residents only, aged 18 years or older.
  • 3. Employees and immediate families of the Promoter and suppliers, providers and agencies associated with this promotion are ineligible to enter.
  • 4. The promotion commences October 28 at 12pm (EST) and closes 8am Monday December 4, 2017. To enter the promotion, eligible entrants must complete register for an account at www.ironplanet.com during the promotional period.
  • 5. The draw will be conducted at 1-57 Burnside Rd. Yatala at 9am on Monday December 4, 2017. The winner will be notified by email provided with their account registration.
  • 6. The prize is valued at $1,000. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any variation in the prize value. The prize, or any unused portion of the prize, is not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash.
  • 7. The Promoter will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) or for any personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with the prize except for any liability, which cannot be excluded by law.
  • 8. The Promoter will not be responsible for any incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information communicated in the course of or in connection with this promotion if the deficiency is occasioned by any cause outside the reasonable control of the Promoter including without limitation technical malfunctions or failures.
  • 9. The Promoter reserves the right to alter, amend or terminate the promotion without prior notice
  • 10. To enter, entrants must agree to the Terms and Conditions of the prize.
  • 11. By participating in this prize draw, you agree and hereby grant The Promoter permission to publish your name as the winner of the prize draw. The winner may also be required to participate in publicity
  • 12. The decision of The Promoter is final and no correspondence will be entered into.