Common Uses for Dump Trucks

A dump truck, often called a tipper/dumper truck in the U.K., is a heavy-duty truck. Typically, they are hinged at the back, use hydraulic pistons to lift the box at the front, and can deposit their load at their destination. Dump trucks are commonly used for Mining, Quarries, Construction, Forestry.

The dump truck is excellent for hauling sand, gravel, demolition site products, and other loose material. Featuring a shorter wheelbase than their larger counterparts, the standard dump truck has a greater range of maneuverability. This makes them a better choice than larger trucks for loading from city demolition and construction projects, as well as when a smaller load is anticipated.

Main Components for Dump Trucks

Dump trucks have several components that work together to allow the machine to function. The cab is where the driver sits to steer the vehicle from location to location. The dump box sits on the rear frame, and is hinged at the base to the rear of the truck. Hydraulic pistons are positioned beneath the dump box towards the front of the vehicle, and allow the box to be raised to dump its load.
The gate on the back of the box can be hinged at the top or bottom of the box, depending on the design specifications. This allows them to be custom built to handle a variety of work tasks.

Manufacturers & Models

Investing in any heavy-duty machine is an important decision. Consider these four factors before purchasing a dump truck:

Type of Work

Evaluate your needs to determine what type of work you are doing, how heavy the loads are that need hauled, and over what distance will the load be moved. Dump trucks typically carry smaller loads, between 8 and 32 metric tons, depending on the number of axles. They are capable of hauling on roadways without violating weight limit laws, though.

Check the Specs

Contractors need to focus specifically on payload capacity for dump trucks. It is important that you can have a high production per man hour. Determine what specifications and options are available on the truck to meet the industry standard four to six passes per load.

Travel Speeds

You will need to assess whether you will be going short distances or long distances to determine the appropriate speed for a dump truck. High-end speeds are better for long hauls while short distances will be fine for lower speed vehicles.

Fuel Efficiency

To maximize your ROI, check the fuel efficiency of the dump truck, but know that the way the vehicle is operated plays a big role in making your gas go longer. Plan the route, keep distances short, maintain a clean route, and keep the truck maintained to increase fuel savings.

There are several popular manufacturers in the dump truck market including Ford, Kenworth, and Mack.

Top Dump Truck Models

Comparing Dump Truck Models

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